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Banned/ Restricted Words Not To Use In Onlyfans In 2024

Are you looking forward to starting your OnlyFans journey? But you have heard about the whispers of restricted/ banned words on OnlyFans! And you are not sure about what such words entail. You need not to worry! As you are not at all alone! The OnlyFans are preventing you from utilizing the restricted words! However, not telling you directly what the words are! If you want to move forward on your journey as a content creator, on OnlyFans, then you need to navigate the ins as well as out of such a platform. 

In this blog post, you will be learning about a comprehensive list of the banned/ restricted words on OnlyFans, in combination with the handy tool finding out the restrictive words in the pasted text. When you hire, OnlyFans marketing agency, it will help you to adhere to the community guidelines as well as the terms of service. Using restricted/ banned or prohibited words will result in negative consequences like your content getting flagged/ restricted or banning your account.

Since the policies and enforcement methods of the Only Fans may change over time. Thus, Only Fans marketing agency will be keeping track of the current guidelines and information on what is allowed and what is not.

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What are restricted/ banned words on OnlyFans?

There are some of specific words that the Only Fans platform would not be letting you utilize in the name, bio as well as messages at any place. There are several restrictive words on Only Fans that are being banned due to obvious reasons. The restrictions will protect the online safety of the user. 

And thus, the content creator should not typically utilize such words in the conversation in any form. However, the problem is that there are some of the restrictive words that are being milder. And thus, it could be immediately utilized during the sexting with the subscriber in the direct messages, without putting much thought into it. However, you have to be very careful not to use these restrictive words as you could land in trouble.

Categories of restricted words on OnlyFans

Although the onlyfans is not publicly disclosing a comprehensive list of the restricted/ banned words, here are some of the common categories that the content creator should always be aware of. These categories include:

Explicit language on Only Fans

This will include profanity, along with the utilization of sexually explicit words and derogatory language.

Illegal activities on Only Fans

The use of language about any illegal activity for example drug abuse/ solicitation is typically prohibited.

Hate speech on Only Fans

The OnlyFans are prohibiting the language that promotes discrimination, or voluntary action against any group/ person based on race/ religion/ ethnicity/ gender/ sexual orientation.

Prohibited copyright material on OnlyFans

The utilization of copyrighted words/ without seeking the permission of the authorities will get you in trouble. Thus, you need to be mindful of the intellectual property rights.

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list of the banned/ restricted words on OnlyFans

The Only Fans platform has never come up with a list of the banned words publicly. however, the content creators will be promptly penalized under the condition of using them. The Only Fans management company put forward a script that will check every English word and came up with a comprehensive list of the banned words Only Fans. This list is being put forward by the only fan marketing agency that will be ensuring the content creator should not use, it to keep their account safe and secure.

  1.                       Abduction
  2.                       Abduct
  3.                       Abducting
  4.                       Abducted
  5.                       Animal
  6.                       Asphyxia
  7.                       Asphyxication
  8.                       Asphyxiation
  9.                       Asphyxiated
  10.                       Asphyxiate
  11.                       Asphyxiating
  12.                       Ballbusting
  13.                       Bait
  14.                       Bareback
  15.                       Blackmail
  16.                       Beastiality
  17.                       Bleeding
  18.                       Blood
  19.                       Bloodplay
  20.                       Blooded
  21.                       Blacked
  22.                       Bukkake
  23.                       Bestiality
  24.                       Caned
  25.                       Caning
  26.                       Canned
  27.                       Canning
  28.                       Cbt
  29.                       Cashapp
  30.                       Cannibal
  31.                       Cervix
  32.                       Cervics
  33.                       Cerviks
  34.                       Cervicks
  35.                       Comatose
  36.                       Coma
  37.                       Child
  38.                       Chocked
  39.                       Choke
  40.                       Choking
  41.                       Chokes
  42.                       Chocking
  43.                       Choked
  44.                       Choloroforming
  45.                       Chloroform
  46.                       Chloroformed
  47.                       Chloroforming
  48.                       Cycle
  49.                       CP
  50.                       Consent
  51.                       Drink
  52.                       Drinking
  53.                       Drunken
  54.                       Drunk
  55.                       Diapers
  56.                       Doze
  57.                       Dog
  58.                       Eleven
  59.                       Entrance
  60.                       Escort
  61.                       Escorted
  62.                       Escorting
  63.                       Enema
  64.                       FansOnly
  65.                       Fansly
  66.                       Fuckfan
  67.                       Fanfuck
  68.                       Fetal
  69.                       Fuckafan
  70.                       Fanfucked
  71.                       Fecal
  72.                       Facentro
  73.                       Fancentro
  74.                       Foetal
  75.                       Fisted
  76.                       Fist
  77.                       Fisting
  78.                       Farm
  79.                       Flogging
  80.                       Forcing
  81.                       Force
  82.                       Forced
  83.                       Forceful
  84.                       Forced Bi
  85.                       Fifteen
  86.                       Gaping
  87.                       Golden
  88.                       Gangbang
  89.                       Gangbanging
  90.                       Gangbanged
  91.                       Gangbangs
  92.                       Hardsports
  93.                       Hypno
  94.                       Hypnotize
  95.                       Hypnotization
  96.                       Hypnotizing
  97.                       Hypnotized
  98.                       Hooker
  99.               Inbreed
  100.               Inbreeded
  101.               Inbreeding
  102.               Incapacitation
  103.               Incapacitate
  104.               Inzest
  105.               Incest
  106.               Intox
  107.               Jail
  108.               Jailed
  109.               Jailbait
  110.               Kidnap
  111.               Kidnapped
  112.               Kidnapping
  113.               Kidnapper
  114.               Knocked
  115.               Knock
  116.               Knocking
  117.               Lactation
  118.               Lactating
  119.               Lactate
  120.               Lolicon
  121.               Lolita
  122.               Menstruate
  123.               Menstruating
  124.               Menstruation
  125.               Menstrual
  126.               Many Vids
  127.               Medical play
  128.               Molested
  129.               Molesting
  130.               Molest
  131.               Meet
  132.               Mutilated
  133.               Mutilate
  134.               Mutilating
  135.               Mutilation
  136.               Necrophilia
  137.               Nigger
  138.               Pedo
  139.               Pedophile
  140.               Pedophilia
  141.               Prostituted
  142.               Paralyze
  143.               Paralyzed
  144.               Paralyzation
  145.               Pee
  146.               Peeplay
  147.               Pissed
  148.               Poo
  149.             Pissing
  150.               Piss
  151.               Poop
  152.               Pooped
  153.               Pooping
  154.               Pegging
  155.               Paddling
  156.               Paypal
  157.               Passed out
  158.               Prostitution
  159.               Prostitute
  160.               Prostituting
  161.               Pse
  162.               Preteen
  163.               Pre-teen
  164.               Pre-scat
  165.               Rapped
  166.               Rapping
  167.               Rape
  168.               Raped
  169.               Raping
  170.               Rapist
  171.               Restricted
  172.               Snuff
  173.               Showers
  174.               Skat
  175.               Strangle
  176.               Strangling
  177.               Strangled
  178.               Suffocate
  179.               Suffocation
  180.               Suffocated
  181.               Teen
  182.               Toilet
  183.               Torture
  184.               Slave
  185.               Scat
  186.               Strangulation
  187.               Slavery
  188.               Torturing
  189.               Tortured
  190.               Trance
  191.               Twelve
  192.               Unconsciousness
  193.               Unconscious
  194.               Unwilling
  195.               Underage
  196.               Vomit
  197.               Vomited
  198.               Vomiting
  199.               Vomino
  200.               Venmo
  201.               Whipped
  202.               Whipping
  203.               Watersports
  204.               Young
  205.               Zoophilia

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Implications of using banned or restricted words on OnlyFans

So what will happen in case you inadvertently start using the restricted word in the content on OnlyFans? Well, the consequences will be dependent upon the severity of the violation as well as the discretion of the platform. This is something that falls into some of the categories listed below:

Content removal on OnlyFans

In case OnlyFans detect that the content comprises restricted words, then under such a situation the authorities may remove all the offending content from the platform. So, this will include posts, comments, or messages that violate the community guidelines.

Account suspensions on Only Fans

Under the most serious circumstances or repeated offenders, OnlyFans may suspend/ disable the account permanently. This means that the content creator will lose access to the content, subscribers, as well as earnings.

Loss of earnings on Only Fans

In case the account is suspended/ disabled, then the creator will not be able to generate any sort of income through the OnlyFans platform. So, for all the creators who depend upon this platform for their source of livelihood, this will prove to be a significant financial setback.

Tips & tricks to avoid restricted/ banned words on OnlyFans

Now you are gaining an understanding of the relevance of avoiding the restricted words on the OnlyFans platform, let’s talk about some of the practical tips and tricks to navigate this potential minefield. The OnlyFans management company will be helping you to understand and follow all the rules as well as the policies on this platform to avoid any potential issues.

Familiarizing with guidelines & rules on OnlyFans

Take time to read and understand the community guidelines and terms of service on OnlyFans. This will provide you with a clear picture of what is allowed and what is not allowed on this platform.

Using alternative language on OnlyFans

In case you are not sure about any specific word/ phrase that is restricted, then to be cautious, you should use alternative language. This will assist you in avoiding inadvertently the violation of any sort of rules.

Stay informed about rules on Only Fans

The OnlyFans management company assisting you in keeping your eyes open for any updates on this platform about any changes in their policies and guidelines. Also, you can follow the official channels on social media of this platform/subscribe to the newsletter which will assist you in staying informed.

Be mindful of content on Only Fans

It is the context that matters the most! While some of the specific words may be allowed during some specific context, the condition of using them inappropriately or in a manner that violates the guidelines will result in repercussions.


The navigation of the OnlyFans’ words is quite exciting as well as a rewarding experience. However, you need to be completely mindful of the rules and guidelines of this platform, which will also include restrictions on some specific words. Hire only a fans marketing agency, which will help you to familiarize yourself with the community standards, through the utilization of the alternative language, whenever and wherever necessary. Also, you will be assisted in staying informed about the policy updates as you can create and engage with content on this platform while minimizing the risk of running into problems with restricted words. 

Take the help of the Onlyfans management company, which will assist you in creating extraordinary content, while at the same time keeping you safe respectful, and compliant with the rules and guidelines of this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What categories of the words are prohibited on OnlyFans?

Here is a list of the words that are banned on Onlyfans social media platform and they are related to one or more of the categories below:

1. Non-consensual sex acts

2. Hardcore Kinks

3. Cruelty against animals

4. injury

5. torture

6. Sexual Work/ prostitution

7. drug abuse

8. intoxication

9. Payments that are of platform for example PayPal

2. Why OnlyFans platform is putting prohibited or restricted words?

The reason why the OnlyFans are banning some of the specific words is to ensure you and the subscriber’s safety. It is intended to ensure that this social platform remains a safe & comfortable environment for both the content creators as well as the fans. And also for ensuring that there is no possibility of either exploitation/ abuse.

3. Why I am not able to post restricted words/ messages on OnlyFans?

When as a creator you are utilizing the restricted word in messages/ or the post you are having in the bio, the Onlyfans will be restricting the post/ messages and you will not be capable of sending the messages unless and until removing that word from the post/ or from the message.